SVG Info

Dimensions of a single blank cannot exceed 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches. 

Please make sure the SVG unit of measure is in millimeters(mm) or inches(in) not pixels(px).

Thickness of the stroke of an object is not taken into account. Only the line of the stroke will be cut.

If objects are not connected they will be cut as separate objects so if you want something as one complete blank make sure the objects are connected.

Please make sure the file you are using has black for the metal parts and white for blank space. If you have an outline of a shape with two lines close together it will be cut as a thin outline.



A hole with a diameter of less than 1mm is not recommended. 


Bridges/Thin Segments

Bridges or thin segments must be at least 0.5 mm thick. The smaller the bridge is the more chance of it breaking off or bending so therefore it is always best to make it as wide as possible.


Converting PNG/JPG file to SVG file